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iPad Air 5: Customers of the Apple tablet can breathe a sigh of relief

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On the outside, Apple does not really amaze with the new iPad Air 5


Inside, the M1 from the Macs and the iPad Pro is now at work instead of the presumed Apple A15. However, this was a fear that fortunately did not materialize – customers can breathe a sigh of relief.

M1 in the iPad Air 5 without throttle: Lucky

As positively as the decision was received, there was still some concern whether Apple would keep the

M1 in the iPad Air 5 (check it out on Amazon) would be limited somehow. For example, a reduction of the clock frequency was discussed. This is not a novelty for Apple and quite common for other products from the company. However, the fear did not prove to be true.

A series of first benchmarks (Geekbench 5) proves it: The M1 of the iPad Air 5 is exactly as powerful as that of the iPad Pro. Around 1,700 points are achieved in single-core mode, and around 7,200 points in multi-core mode. Thus, the chip was not artificially limited by Apple and downclocked, for example, compared to the iPad Pro (source: MacRumors). Thus, the iPad Air is really about 60 to 70 percent faster than the previously used Apple A14 Bionic.

The most important features of the new iPad Air 5:

Good to know: The M1 (originally introduced in November 2020 with a series of Macs) is basically based on the A14, but it is much more powerful due to the expanded design. One should also not forget the installed 8 GB of working memory in the iPad Air 5.

Apple does it differently with the iPad mini

But why was there any concern about a performance limitation in the new iPad Air 5 in the first place? Quite simply because Apple resorted to this option in the current iPad mini 6. The iPad with the smallest screen is indeed powered by an Apple A15, but its clock frequency has been reduced from 3.2 GHz to 2.9 GHz compared to the iPhone 13. In practice, this makes the tablet about 2 to 8 percent slower than Apple’s current iPhone. In this respect, we feared a similar intervention in the new iPad Air. Fortunately, Apple keeps its word and actually installs the M1 without performance-limiting modifications in the new Air – very good.

Czytaj dalej: https://www.giga.de/news/ipad-air-5-schlimme-befuerchtung-bewahrheitet-sich-nicht-apple-haelt-wort/

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